9.10.1938     Born in Málaga on October 9th, in the same building where Picasso was born 57 years before.     (Málaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1955     Begins study of industrial expert, but reading Dostojevski and starting to paint brings him to abandon his studies and to dedicate himself to painting on his own.     (SPAIN) ► + info

1957     He collaborates regularly doing illustrations for poetry magazine Caracola .     (Málaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1957     Founded with other painters "Grupo Picasso" in Malaga     (Málaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1957     Makes his first solo exhibition in the "Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País" in Málaga.     (Málaga - SPAIN) ► + info

From 1959 To 1960     Fullfillment of conscription     (SPAIN) ► + info

1961     He moves to the small city of Hilden Gabelung in Germany, near Düsseldorf, and soon afterwards he is expelled from Germany for working illegally in a factory in Hilden.     (Hilden Gabelung - GERMANY) ► + info

1961     Returns the same year to Cologne, stages an exhibition in the Gallery Boisserée which receives good reviews from John Anthony Twailtes from the newspaper Deutsche Zeitung. From then on he settles in Cologne and later in Berlin, dedicating himself exclusively to painting.     (Köln - GERMANY) ► + info

1961     In Cologne he establishes contact with representatives of the group Fluxus and assists with the first happenings of Vostell. He makes friends with the musician Cornelius Cardew, for whom he illustrates the cover of the musical score of a concert. In 2008 he will create a large painting titled "¿ Quien mató a Cornelius Cardew?" (Who killed Cornelius Cardew) as tribute to Cardew's strange and tragic death in London.     (Köln - GERMANY) ► + info

1963     During a short visit to Málaga he meets the actor Anthony Quinn who buys many paintings and drawings and arranges an exhibition at the Gallery Forum in New York, where MOMA buys a drawing for its collection.     (Malaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1964     He moves to Rome and exhibits at Liberia Internazionale Terzo Mondo and Gallería Scorpio in Rome.     (Roma - ITALY) ► + info

1964     He meets painter Emilio Vedova who buys a drawing.     (Roma - ITALY) ► + info

1966     Returns to Spain, now residing in Málaga. He dedicates himself to painting, drawing and etching. Participates in the exhibition "Artistas Graficos Españoles" in the Modern Art Museum of Johannesburg, and represents Spain in the IX and X Biennal in Sao Paulo and also at the I, III, IV, and VI International Drawings Exhibition at Rijeka (Croatia)     (Malaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1969     He marries Margret Reimann, with whom he will have two children.     (Malaga - SPAIN) ► + info

1977     Also this year he receives a prize for paintings at the Festival International de la Peinture, Cagnes-sur-Mer (France)     (FRANCE) ► + info

1977     After the death of dictator Franco and in the first free democratic elections in Spain for the constituent assembly he is elected senator as candidate of the independent intellectuals.     (SPAIN) ► + info

1983     He has a contract with Gallery Pierre Huber (Geneva) and presents a "one man show" for them at Basel Art Fair. There he meets writer and Nobel Prize winner Maria Vargas Llosa, who buys one of his paintings.     (SWITZERLAND) ► + info

1992     He opens another studio in Madrid, in the house where Cervantes was born and died, working between Málaga and Madrid     (Madrid - SPAIN) ► + info

1996     At the Estampa art show the Albertina Museum buys three etchings.     (Madrid - SPAIN) ► + info

From 1997 To 2012     Participates in almost all ARCO art shows.     (Madrid - SPAIN) ► + info

2008     Is invited to be featured artist at the III Beijing International Art Biennal in Peking     (Beijing - CHINA) ► + info

(Unknown date)     Fair     () ► + info

(Unknown date)     Creation of the group „Aorist“, with Theo Scherling, Hans Schnell, Norbert Käss     () ► + info